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              2 min read

              Resources for Women-led Start-ups

              Featured Image

              Various financing and knowledge based resources for women entrepreneurs.

              Table of Contents

              Despite the fact that women starting businesses are still facing some discriminating factors in the financing world, the number of woman-led start-ups is increasing and, according to various reports, hold a more consistent ROI with a lower risk assessment.

              To counter this gender-based bias, there are many new endeavours from organizations across Canada explicitly aimed at helping women-run businesses.

              From financial support and leadership programs to technology and real-estate access, the overall changes in the business landscape to help women-run businesses are improving.


              Key Takeaways

              • There are various forms of support that entrepreneurs who are women can access across Canada
              • In addition to financing, these support systems are in place to offer entrepreneurs the skills, guidance, and connections required to grow
              • Incubators and accelerators offered by fellow female entrepreneurs can add to a business's success

              Leading Programs Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

              From government grants and loan programs like the Women Entrepreneurship Loan Fund and the Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub to banking-led financial support, such as BMO for Women and TD Bank's Resources for Women-led Businesses, these programs are available for female entrepreneurs to receive funding for their businesses. 

              These programs also offer mentorship support and connections, as well as lucrative venture capital initiatives the federal government has recently implemented.

              Several other resources are dedicated to this growing set of entrepreneurs founded by non-profit and grassroots organizations designed to offer developmental skills and programs to help newcomers to Canada succeed in the business landscape.


              Support Beyond Financing

              Learning new skills and techniques to run a business can be just as crucial as getting funding for your start-up.

              Incubators and accelerator programs are available nationwide and function as knowledge hubs for female entrepreneurs. They are dedicated to addressing specific issues affecting women entering the entrepreneurial space. They are designed to address gender pay gaps and other inequalities that women face.

              These skills and knowledge hubs are paramount in helping businesses take off and succeed. Most importantly, many of them are free or come at a low-cost.


              Final Thoughts: Resources for Start-ups Led by Women

              Whether your business is a fledgling start-up or an established organization, some several different resources female entrepreneurs can access and use for support.

              One of the most incredible things about these programs is the ability to meet with and get mentored by successful and accomplished businesswomen who can relate to many of the struggles and barriers you may have faced while sharing knowledge. Both can help you navigate the business world and overcome hurdles to success.



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