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              Enhance the SME financing experience with us.


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              Growth-Enabled Small Business Tools

              Unlock the full potential of your business with the Cubeler Business Hub™, a no-cost platform where small and medium-sized businesses in Canada can access the financing, advertising, networking, and business intelligence tools they require to compete with large-scale enterprises.

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              Cubeler Business Hub™

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              A Powerful Business Platform and Network Fueling the Ambitions of Canadian SMEs


              The Cubeler Business Hub™ is a powerful business platform and network designed to help SMEs grow.

              By using Cubeler’s tools for small and medium-sized enterprises, business owners can unlock their full potential for growth. Start today and create a no-cost account that accelerates your access to small business loans, no-cost advertising tools, meaningful networking connections, and exclusive market reports.


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              The Cubeler Business Hub™ offers a Unique Toolkit to Help SMEs Thrive

              From finding the best small business loan rates, networking with businesses of shared interests, accessing advertising tools and competitive intelligence reports, Cubeler puts the interests of small and medium businesses front and center. Learn more about how Cubeler empowers Canadian businesses below.

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              Compare small business loans, lines of credit, and other borrowing products from leading financial institutions.

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              Business Advertising


              Create targeted ads on a commercial advertising platform that reaches other SMEs nationwide.

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              Business Networking


              Network and connect with potential business partners across various Canadian sectors and industries.

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              Business Intelligence

              View business intelligence reports containing exclusive market data relevant to national and international markets.

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              Participating Financial Institutions

              Some of Canada’s leading financial institutions work with Cubeler to make borrowing simpler and easier for SMEs. Learn more about the banks, credit unions, and lenders partnered with Cubeler below. 

              Laurentian Bank logo Accelerated Payments Logo partners_logos_transcapitale_200x100 Alliance Financing Group Ltd. logo Merchant Growth Logo partners_logos_journeycapital_200x100 2m7 Financial Solutions logo kingsmen capital investments logo logo Corl Financial Investments Capital Advance financial partner logo voxen logo partners_logos_ecap_200x100

              Why join Cubeler

              Why Join the Cubeler Business Hub?

              Cubeler is the sole platform dedicated exclusively to SMEs, eliminating obstacles and providing the right tools to help businesses scale up.


              business meeting why join Cubeler


              Funding & Cash Flow management solutions

              We Facilitate Cash Flow for Small Businesses

              Have you ever been frustrated by the time spent putting together a watertight application, only to wait weeks for subpar lending terms or, worse, a rejection letter?

              Cubeler is streamlining the Business Financing process by keeping your business growth and economic development on track. Access the Cubeler Business Hub™ and compare various borrowing products from reputable lenders.

              Small business marketing services

              We Provide High-Value Online Marketing Tools

              Do you have countless advertising channels you would like to explore but a budget that doesn’t meet your ideal marketing strategy?

              Cubeler’s no-cost business marketing tools are versatile, fit into any marketing plan, and allow SMEs to expand their reach to more qualified targeted audiences without dipping into their marketing budget.

              Business networking development

              We Help Build Your Business Network

              Do you want to cut through the clutter of social media networks and identify networking contacts that better fit your ambitions?

              Our SME-exclusive networking space is where owners and executives can discover each other while building connections and exploring new business opportunities.

              SME Business Intelligence reports and analysis

              We Level the Playing Field Between SMEs and Large Corporations

              Do you want to take your business to the next level, but the data and insights you require are only accessible to more prominent companies?

              Cubeler provides access to high-quality business intelligence reports and analyses designed for SMEs to develop more effective, insight-driven strategies.

              That means giving your business the competitive advantage necessary to compete with large businesses, regardless of your budget. 

              Cost-Free Business Tools for SMEs

              The Cubeler Business Hub™ offers members business tools at no cost. We do this with the power of Cubeler-Points™, a rewards program for active participation on the platform.

              Earning Cubeler-Points™ is easy. Several ongoing opportunities allow members to receive points and use them towards growing their businesses.

              Cubeler members can earn Cubeler-Points™ by setting up and completing business profiles and adding a specific number of employees. Other methods include activating Cubeler-Link™ with your accounting software and making network connections. Members can then redeem Cubeler-Points™ to publish advertisements and access market reports without registration fees, credit card requirements, or costs.

              Learn more about Cubeler-Points

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              A Matter of Principle…

              We created the Cubeler Business Hub™ on three foundational principles:

              First and foremost, Cubeler was constructed with an awareness that automation and digital transformations are coming at a steadfast pace to business life. That’s why we’re leveraging AI and analytics to automate and accelerate business lending for our members.

              Second, we believe that there is strength in numbers and power in connection. As the Cubeler Business Hub™ grows, so do borrowing options, deeper and more granular business insights, and opportunities to build new relationships with SME leaders.

              Third, contributing to the greater good without making sacrifices. As a Cubeler member, everything you do on the Business Hub benefits your business and other members, which helps level the playing field for SMEs in Canada.

              Connect with the Collective Power of Cubeler


              Unlock the full potential of your SME with our range of no-cost small and medium-sized business resources. 

              Register with Cubeler today and start taking advantage of the business development ecosystem available to the millions of SMEs that make up Canada’s economy. 

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