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              Your Manufacturing SME at Full Steam

              Unlock the full potential of your manufacturing business with the Cubeler Business HubTM, the one place where Canadian SME owners and executives can find new clients and access the financing, insights, and networking opportunities they need to take their manufacturing industry to new heights - all at no cost.

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              Cubeler Business HubTM

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              A Powerful Membership-Based Platform and Network - Fueling Ambitions of Manufacturing SMEs.

              The Cubeler Business HubTM is a powerful membership-based platform and network where small and medium-sized businesses in manufacturing can unlock the growth potential of their business, accelerate their search for financing, access unique strategic market insights, network with other small and medium-sized enterprises, and even create highly targeted advertising to promote their products and services.

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              Join us in empowering SMEs to succeed every step of the way.

              Here are just a few of the leading business associations working with us to empower SMEs across Canada.


              The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal Ontario Chamber of Commerce Retail Council of Canada Conseil Québécois du Commerce de détail Canadian Federation Independent Business Member Canadian Lenders Association Canadian Chamber of Commerce logo Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec logo Alberta Chamber of Commerce logo Edmonton Chamber of Commerce logo partners_logos_greenbg_CPB_200x100

              Cubeler Business HubTM

              The One Essential Stop for SMEs

              Cubeler Business HubTM provides owners and executives of small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing sector with a comprehensive suite of business-enablement tools to fuel their ambitions.

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              Prequalified credit offers from leading financial institutions matched with your business based on AI and analytics.

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              A unique, hyper-targetable advertising channel to access small and medium enterprises.

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              An SME-only networking space where owners and executives can discover new partners and clients.

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              We bring you answers to important questions and help you make informed decisions.

              Cubeler Advantages for your Manufacturing Business

              Today’s manufacturing SMEs face a variety of challenges, including supply chain pressure, shortages in the number of employees, and the implementation of digital technologies.

              Cubeler Business Hub™ was created to provide owners and executives with the tools to fuel their ambitions and overcome obstacles to succeed.

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              Accelerate Your Access to Capital

              Are you tired of waiting days or weeks for lenders to respond to your loan applications, only to receive an undesirable response that slows or stalls your progress?

              With Cubeler, you don’t have to go to the banks to get a loan. We use your profile information to match you with pre-qualified loan offers from leading lenders, streamlining the entire application process to give you more options and faster access to the capital your manufacturing business needs.

              A bearded man checking his loan application on a computer

              Level Up Your Manufacturing Business Strategy

              In manufacturing, new technologies, materials, and regulations can change overnight. As a business leader and decision-maker, it's your responsibility to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive landscape.

              Until now, high-quality market data and business intelligence was something afforded only to large-scale enterprises.

              Cubeler provides business leaders in the manufacturing sector with articles, guides, and sector-specific reports unavailable elsewhere, giving SMEs like yours the edge needed to thrive against the competition.

              Slideshow of professional in the manufacturing sector discussing their business strategies

              Make Valuable Connections in the Manufacturing Sector

              Are you struggling to cut through the clutter on mainstream networking platforms to create new and valuable connections for your manufacturing business?

              Whether you own a processing plant or a small workshop, finding the right business partners is critical to the success of any business.

              Cubeler is the network for SMEs by SMEs, meaning that the people you connect with share the same ambition to grow.

              Cubeler instantly puts your business on the radar of a community of different types of manufacturing owners and executives, giving your products and services direct exposure to other SMEs.

              A man in red and a woman in blue work together at a laptop.

              Maximize Your Manufacturing Marketing Budget

              Are you running up against a wall constantly trying to wring better performance out of mainstream marketing channels? With Cubeler member advertising, you can grow your audience reach without increasing your marketing budget. Cubeler can be a powerful addition to your usual advertising channels, allowing you to promote your products and services directly to a market of engaged SME owners and executives in your chosen sectors and regions. Save your marketing dollars for other channels and use the Cubeler-Points™ you earn by participating on the platform to put your manufacturing business on the radar of other growing companies.

              Slideshow of workers in various retail sectors adjusting their marketing budget


              A Matter of Principle…

              Together, our group of tech entrepreneurs and financial experts recognized that as owners and executives of SMEs they were underserved when it comes to the essentials for business growth that are available to large-scale businesses, access to financing, market insight and networking opportunities.

              And so, we built the Cubeler Business HubTM to equip SMEs with the tools needed to take their businesses to the next level.

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              Find sector-specific content covering many topics, from carbon tax implications to the impact of inflation on your business.


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              Unlock the full potential of your manufacturing business with the Cubeler Business HubTM

              The one place where SMEs can access financing, insights and networking opportunities to accelerate growth - at no cost.

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