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Network directly with SME decision-makers.

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    Get exclusive access to unique strategic insights.

    Earn Cubeler Points™ toward no-cost business tools.



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      Take Your Construction SME to the Next Level.


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        Your Science & Technology SME, Scaled Up.

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          Cubeler Partners
          Turbocharge SME growth with Cubeler.

          Financial Institutions
          Enhance the SME financing experience with us.


          Maximize your reach, resources and rewards.

          Business Associations
          Level up the membership journey with us. 




          Maximize your reach, resources and rewards with Cubeler.

          Get exclusive, no-cost access to Cubeler's ever-growing network of SME prospects and AI-powered, cutting-edge business tools.

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          Reach engaged SMEs eager

          for your know-how


          Join the Cubeler Business Hub—a no-cost, membership-based platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


          Get instant access to SME business owners and decision-makers across Canada. 


          Get a front-row seat to an engaged, coast-to-coast SME audience eager to profit from your professional expertise. 


          Gain a competitive advantage and expand your network nationally now—with Cubeler.

          Find the resources you and your clients need to succeed


          For bookkeepers, competition has always been fierce, and sometimes it can seem you have few options to stand out.

          With our suite of cutting-edge, AI-powered business resources and tools*, the possibilities are endless, giving you and your clients the edge to succeed.

          As a Cubeler Partner, get fast-track access to an exclusive network of SMEs nationwide, plus prequalified financing offers tailored to your needs and the requirements of your clients.

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          * The Cubeler Business Hub and its Business Pillars are currently in development and are not yet fully functional or available. Their release is expected for 2024.



          Get rewarded

          with no-cost, cutting-edge business tools.



          Cubeler Points = Cubeler Rewards


          Fast-track access to prequalified financing offers


          Exclusive business intel 


          AI-powered networking with SMEs across Canada (coming soon)


          Highly targeted advertising tools (coming soon)



          Get rewarded for your hard work and client referrals


          Cubeler Business Hub is more than just a platform that connects SMEs with AI-powered, cutting-edge business tools. It’s also a rewards program.

          We’re here to reward you for your efforts.
          For every client referral you send our way, earn 150 Cubeler-Points™. That’s in addition to the 150 Bonus Points you can earn when you join Cubeler as a partner—and all the points you can earn all year-round.

          Don't miss your chance to earn rewards for your hard work—and referrals.

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          As you grow,
          so do the benefits
          —at zero cost to you.

          Joining Cubeler as a partner connects you to SMEs from across Canada, expanding your reach to a broader customer base. And the best part? This won't cost you a dime. You'll have access to Canada’s largest segment of business owners—at zero cost to you.

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          Partner and grow with Cubeler

          Partnering with Cubeler gives you the opportunity to reach an exclusive audience of SME decision-makers. Here are just a few of the bookkeepers working and growing with us.

          Click any logo below to get complete details on our bookkeeper partners.


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          We take
          data security


          When SMEs connect with the Cubeler Business Hub via the Cubeler-Link, we use their accounting software data to provide them with the cutting-edge business resources they need to succeed.

          How do we safeguard financial data?


          We collect, process, transfer and store only top-line financial data (like your total sales and total expenses).


          We do not collect, process, transfer or store any sensitive personal or financial data. 


          We adhere to strict data encryption standards to prevent unauthorized access.

          Join forces with Cubeler

          Interested in teaming up with Cubeler? To start your journey, fill out this form and hit the “Get Started” button. We look forward to discussing ways we can work together.