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Cubeler helps grow your business with greater safety and security standards.


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Data Security

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We safeguard our members' data


At Cubeler, the safeguarding of our members’ data is our number one priority. We use the highest international and national financial industry standards in encryption technology and security measures to ensure the safeguard of your data. That’s why financial institutions, accounting software providers, and businesses of all shapes and sizes operating in just about every industry have put their trust in us.


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Data security is our
number one priority

We believe that the strongest business relationships are built on trust, which is why we make every effort - even going beyond industry standards - to help grow your business in the safest, most secure way possible.

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We take measures to
protect your data

Cubeler does not gather or store any personal information that most people would deem to be sensitive.

To become a member, all we ask is that you provide your name, a valid email address and some basic information about your business; and since all Cubeler services are provided to you for free, we will never ask you for your credit card number.

Cubeler only reads top-line figures from your accounting software’s general ledger, such as total sales and total expenses; no information is gathered on specific accounts related to clients or suppliers.

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