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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Cubeler-Link™
  • Connect QuickBooks Desktop with Cubeler-Link™
  • Connect Sage50 with Cubeler-Link™
  • Solve "QuickBooks already has a company file open"
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  • What if I don’t see my accounting software?
  • Cubeler-Score™
  • What if I don’t see my Cubeler-Score™?
  • Is Cubeler a lender or broker?
  • How much can we borrow using Cubeler?
  • How long are my pre-prequalified offers valid for?

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Cubeler Registration
No. Unlike every time you submit a credit application at a financial institution, your credit bureau report is not consulted when you register your business on Cubeler. Cubeler makes it possible for your business to pre-qualify for financing offers without negatively impacting your credit score. No credit pulls.
Yes. Cubeler has implemented extensive security measures, which include industry best practices for the safeguard of financial information, to ensure that data related to your business is protected on Cubeler’s servers. These measures also include the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, administrative and physical safeguards, regular security assessments, robust intrusion prevention and intrusion detection systems, as well as regular network vulnerability scans to ensure strong security controls of Cubeler’s databases, systems and networks. Cubeler uses the same technology to protect the privacy of your data as your bank uses to protect your banking information.

The Cubeler-Link™ only looks at topline General Ledger accounts (total account balances, such as sales, receivables and expenses). The Cubeler-Link™ does not read any information about suppliers, employees, payroll or customers. Topline financial data is accessed to match your business with potential lenders to present you with the best and the largest number of prequalified credit offers.

The Cubeler-Link™ is a proprietary analytics software that periodically reads top-level ledger data from your business’ accounting software. An activated Cubeler-Link™ is essential to allow Cubeler to provide you and other members with continuous access to the benefits of the ecosystem. Connecting your Cubeler-Link™ is easy and takes only minutes.

1. Download and install the Cubeler-Link™
2. Follow the Cubeler-Link™ instructions to setup the connection between QuickBooks Desktop and Cubeler-Link™. Please note that you will need to open the QuickBooks Desktop while setting up the connection.
3. Please make sure that your Quickbooks application is open and running using the same window user as Cubeler-Link™. If Cubeler-Link™ is using the Run AS Admin, then please run Quickbooks as administrator, otherwise, run Quickbooks from the shortcut not as administrator.
4. If the QuickBooks Desktop is running but popup message "QuickBooks already has a company file open. If you want to open another company file, close this one first.", please close the QuickBooks Desktop application and exit the Cubeler-Link™ by right-click the Cubeler-Link™ icon in the System Tray and select Exit. You could then reopen the Cubeler-Link™ and QuickBooks Desktop, then follow the instructions to connect.
5. When QuickBooks Desktop company is connected with Cubeler-Link™, QuickBooks - Application Certificate will popup, please select the last choice "Yes, always allow access even if QuickBooks is not running".
6. Please make sure at Cubeler-Link™ Link accounting software page the company files path is the same company file opened with QuickBooks Desktop application.

1. Download and install the Cubeler-Link™
2. Follow the Cubeler-Link™ instructions to setup the connection between Sage50 and Cubeler-Link™. Please note that you will need to open the Sage50 while setting up the connection.
3. Please make sure that at Modify User page to choose "Read-only access" in the "Rights With Third-Party Products" section; Sage50 password length must be 5 to 7 characters long which contains at least one number and one letter and not contain your user name.
4. Please make sure at Cubeler-Link™ Link accounting software page the company files path is the same company file opened with Sage50 application.

When connecting Cubeler-Link™ to QuickBooks Desktop, occasionally you may see "Can't Open QuickBooks" message. You see this error even when just one company file is open. Basically QuickBooks has opened too many versions of itself up and can't close those back down successfully. Please followed the following instructions to solve this:
1. Close QuickBooks Desktop.
2. Open your computers Task Manager (right click on the task bar at the bottom of your computer)
3. Navigate to the Processes or Details tabs looking for multiple instances of QuickBooks processes running.
4. Right click to close down the processes.
5. Start QuickBooks Desktop. Reconnect Cubeler-Link™ with QuickBooks Desktop.
6. If you still have the error, close Cubeler-Link™ and repeat the step 1 to step 4. Start QuickBooks Desktop. Then start Cubeler-Link™ and reconnect with QuickBooks Desktop.
7. Retry the step 6 if you still have the error.

Technical Support

Cubeler currently supports the following accounting software:

  • Sage50
  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuickBooks Desktop

If you’d like to register your business on Cubeler but you do not see your accounting software on the list above, please click here to let us know ( We will do our best to add it to the list as soon as possible and we will notify you as soon as we do.


Cubeler calculates several financial ratios from the financial data the Cubeler-Link™ reads from your business' accounting software. A score is attributed to each of the calculated ratios, and the ratio scores are combined into a single score called the Cubeler-Score™. The Cubeler-Score™ is a proprietary financial metric created by Cubeler to gauge the overall financial health of your business. Your Cubeler is private and won’t be shared with other members.

The Cubeler-Score™ is based on a combination of historical and current financial data about your business. If the data in your business’s accounting software is not up to date, it may prevent Cubeler from calculating your Cubeler-Score™. Please ensure that the data in your business’s accounting software is up to date and you should see your Cubeler-Score™ the next time you log into your Cubeler account. However, if you think your business’s accounting data is up to date, and you still don’t see your Cubeler-Score™, then we ask that you please contact the Cubeler support team.

Finance Lending

No. Cubeler is not a lender or a broker. Think of Cubeler as a matchmaking service, similar to an online dating service, but without the drama and disappointment. Cubeler simply brings together business owners and the many lenders who are looking to lend to them.

There is no maximum amount to the financing offers that you can receive from Cubeler’s platform lenders. It all depends on your business’s financial realities and what the lenders’ lending criteria are. When there is a match, an offer is made. Some lenders may set a maximum amount that they are prepared to offer per transaction, while others don’t.

The fact that Cubeler displays your prequalified offers and you can apply for any one of them whenever you’re ready, is one of Cubeler’s best features. Your prequalified offers will remain on your dashboard for as long as your business continues to meet the lending criteria of the platform lenders that have extended the prequalified offers. Therefore, the offers could be available for several weeks or several months until you are ready to act on them.

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