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          Your Retail Business, On the Rise.

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              Your Retail Business, On The Rise.

              Unlock the full potential of your retail business with the Cubeler Business HubTM. The one place where SME owners and executives can find new clients and access financing, insights, and networking opportunities they need to take their businesses to new heights - all at no cost.

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              Cubeler Business HubTM

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              A Powerful Membership-Based Platform and Network - Fueling Ambitions of SMEs in the Retail Industry.

              The Cubeler Business Hub™ is a powerful membership-based platform and network where SMEs in retail can unlock their full potential.

              Our tools help small and medium enterprises unleash their growth potential by accelerating their search for financial products, providing access to unique strategic market insights, networking with other small and medium businesses, and creating highly targeted ads to promote their products and services.

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              Our Partners in the Retail Sector

              These are some of the many partners in the retail sector who are supporting our growth and contributing to the collective power of Cubeler.


              Retail Council of Canada Conseil québécois du commerce de détail Retail Council of Canada

              Cubeler Business HubTM

              The One Essential Stop for SMEs in the Retail Sector

              Cubeler Business HubTM provides owners and executives of small and medium enterprises in the retail sector with a comprehensive suite of business-enablement tools to fuel their ambitions.

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              Prequalified credit offers from leading financial institutions matched with your business based on AI and analytics.

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              A unique, hyper-targetable advertising channel to access small and medium enterprises.

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              An SME-only networking space where owners and executives can discover new partners and clients.

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              We bring you answers to important questions and help you make informed decisions.

              Cubeler Advantages for your Retail Business

              In today’s fast-changing retail sector, SMEs face a variety of challenges from the supply chain, employee recruitment, and inflation to market differentiation and digital transformation.

              Cubeler Business HubTM provides owners and executives from retail and other sectors with the tools to fuel their ambitions and overcome their obstacles to succeed.


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              Accelerate Your Access To Capital

              Are you tired of waiting weeks for lenders to respond to your financial applications, only to receive an undesirable response that slows or stalls your progress?

              With Cubeler, you don’t have to go to the banks; they come to you. Except now, financial providers efficiently propose lucrative offers.

              Cubeler uses your data to match you with pre-qualified loans from leading lenders, streamlining the entire application process to give you more choices and faster access to the capital your retail business needs to grow.

              A woman in a blue shirt searching for financial providers on a laptop.

              Level Up Your Retail Business Strategy

              As a retail business owner and decision-maker, you are responsible for doing what’s best for your business in an increasingly competitive landscape.

              Cubeler gives retail businesses access to the sector-specific reports unavailable elsewhere. This provides retail SMEs with the data to build a competitive edge, react to developments in the market, or respond to any opportunities that arise.

              Slideshow of working professionals in the retail sector.

              Make Valuable Connections with Professionals in Retail

              Are you struggling to cut through the clutter on mainstream networking platforms to create new and valuable connections for your retail business?

              Whether you own a small specialty food shop or a regional chain of clothing stores, finding the right business partners is critical to the success of any retail SME.

              Cubeler is the network for SMEs by SMEs. Take advantage of a dedicated space where you can discuss shared challenges, explore unique opportunities, and even look for new partners or clients.

              Three women networking in an office environment.

              Maximize Your Retail Marketing Budget

              Are you running up against a wall constantly trying to wring better performance out of mainstream marketing channels?

              Cubeler will be a powerful addition to your usual advertising channels, allowing you to promote your products and services directly to an audience of engaged SME owners and executives in your chosen sectors and regions.

              Save your retail marketing budget for other channels and use the Cubeler-Points™ you earn by participating on the platform to put your retail business on the radar of other growing companies.

              Slideshow of a woman working in a retail store for pool tables.


              A Matter of Principle…

              Our tech entrepreneurs and financial experts recognized that owners and executives of SMEs were underserved when it came to the essential tools for business growth that are available to larger businesses like access to financing, market insights, and networking opportunities.

              That's why we built the Cubeler Business HubTM to equip SMEs in the retail space with the tools needed to take their businesses to the next level.

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              Unlock the full potential of your retail business with the Cubeler Business HubTM

              The one place where SMEs can access financing, insights, and networking opportunities to accelerate growth - at no cost.

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