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Your Business Network, Better Connected.

The Cubeler Business HubTM provides a business networking platform for SME owners and executives to connect with a community of talented business leaders and build valuable new relationships.

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Cubeler Business HubTM

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A Powerful Membership-Based Platform and Network – Fueling the Ambitions of All SME Owners and Executives Around the World.

The Cubeler Business HubTM is a powerful membership-based platform and network where SMEs can unlock the growth potential of their business; accelerate their search for financing, access unique strategic market insights, interact with exclusive networking groups formed by small and medium-enterprise partners, and even create highly-targeted advertising to promote their products and services.

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Cubeler Networking Logo


Put Your Business Top of Mind

Are you struggling to cut through the clutter on mainstream networking groups to create new and valuable connections for your business?

Cubeler can instantly put your business on the radar of a community of talented and engaged SME owners and executives.

Cubeler’s business networking can give your products and services direct exposure to the most relevant businesses on the market.

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Prospect For New Partners

Is your business always on the lookout for the right partners and suppliers?

Whether you own a neighborhood gym or a processing plant, finding the right business partners is critical to any SMEs' success.

Cubeler lets you reap the benefits of networking by searching for and reaching out to potential partners and suppliers, while honing your networking skills, building a stronger network, and helping your business grow.

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Connect With SME Leaders

Would you feel more confident in making strategic decisions if you had the input of other successful business leaders?

Cubeler is the network for SMEs by SMEs, meaning that the people you connect with are fueled by the same ambition to grow.

Take advantage of a dedicated space where you can discuss shared challenges and explore unique opportunities.

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Our Membership Channel Connections

Here are just a few of the leading organizations and associations that we are proud to be a member of.


The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal logo Ontario Chamber of Commerce logo RCC Retail Council of Canada logo Restaurants Canada logo Conseil québécois du commerce de détail logo Canadian Federation Independent Businesses Canadian Lenders Association logo

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Experience Business Networking The Cubeler Way

Cubeler offers much more than business networking. Our services for small and medium-sized businesses extended to financing, advertising, and market insight tools. Learn more about how our Cubeler Networking service can help you below.

The Smarter Way to Connect With SMEs

Cubeler's Business Networking cuts through the noise and helps you make valuable business connections that are difficult with other business networking companies.

And, just like all other Cubeler services, it is available at no cost to SME owners and executives.

How can Networking Impact Your Business Prospects?


Despite no shortage of mainstream networking platforms, business connections of real value can be hard to identify. Cubeler gives you the tools to connect and cut through the clutter.


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The Business-Enablement Toolkit Tailored Exclusively to SMEs

Beyond providing highly-focused networking opportunities, Cubeler Business HubTM offers a complete suite of services to help your business thrive.

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Prequalified credit offers from leading financial institutions matched with your business based on AI and analytics.

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Business Advertising


A unique, hyper-targetable business advertising channel to access hard-to-reach SME audiences.

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We bring you answers to important questions and help you make informed decisions.

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Need more focused networking opportunities?

Connect directly with a community of SME owners and executives who share your challenges, but also your ambitions for growth.