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          Take Your Construction SME to the Next Level.


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              Cubeler Partners
              Turbocharge SME growth with Cubeler.

              Financial Institutions
              Enhance the SME financing experience with us.


              Maximize your reach, resources and rewards.

              Business Associations
              Level up the membership journey with us. 




              Enhance the SME financing experience with Cubeler.

              Partner with Cubeler to streamline and upgrade the process of matching SMEs with the right financing solutions for their business.

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              Redefine the SME lending landscape


              Partner with Cubeler and harness the power of our cutting-edge Cubeler technology to streamline the loan application process, accelerate SME prequalification compliance and, ultimately, improve SME loan approval rates.

              As a partner with Cubeler, you will be at the forefront of loan matching technology, empowering SMEs to unlock the potential of their business.


              How we match SMEs with the right financing

              Our matching technology does all the work


              With our advanced matching technology, you can define your lending criteria and connect only with pre-vetted SME borrowers ready to go to the next level.

              Partner with Cubeler today and improve the success rate potential of your lending offers—for both you and your SME clients.


              Foster stronger SME connections

              Partner with Cubeler and play a vital role in streamlining the lending process and nurturing more valuable connections with SMEs across Canada. 

              Our Cubeler matching technology empowers our financial partners to deepen their relationships with SMEs:

              • Dedicated access to SMEs in need of business financing

              • Selection by industry for precise matching

              • Filters for specific provinces

              • Constant support and insights 


              Together, lending to SMEs can be more than just finance—it can be about building stronger client connections.

              Join us in creating a richer financing experience for SMEs

              Here are just some of the leading financial institutions partnering with us to make SME financing more accessible.


              laurentianbank_200x100 Accelerated Payments logo partners_logos_transcapitale_200x100 alliance_200x100 Merchant Growth Logo partners_logos_journeycapital_200x100 2m7 Financial Solutions logo kingsmen capital investments logo Corl Financial Investments logo Capital Advance financial partner logo Voxen logo partners_logos_ecap_200x100 partners_logos_keep_200x100

              We take data security seriously

              When SMEs connect with the Cubeler Business Hub via the Cubeler-Link™, we use their accounting software data to offer them the cutting-edge business resources they need to succeed.



              How do we safeguard financial data?


              We collect, process, transfer and store only top-line financial data
              (like total sales and total expenses).


              We do not collect, process, transfer or store any sensitive personal or financial data. 


              We adhere to strict data encryption standards to prevent unauthorized access.

              Join forces with Cubeler to level up SMEs

              Interested in teaming up with Cubeler? To start your journey, fill out this form and hit the “Get Started” button. We look forward to discussing ways we can work together.