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              3 min read

              Best Alternatives to LinkedIn for SME Business Networking

              Featured Image

              Are you looking to branch out and make more connections? View our top choices for LinkedIn alternatives.

              Your next million could be a few clicks away! Now that we have your attention, what’s your current business challenge? Are you looking for new customers or suppliers, securing funding, or tapping into resources? Whatever the challenge, business networking can help you find and reach out to the right connections.

              How though? Business networking can be time-consuming and confusing, especially when you aren’t sure which platform is optimal for your business. While LinkedIn is synonymous with business networking, there is a range of options for both online and in-person meetups. Let us help you understand the networking alternatives out there for your business.


              1. Business Communities on Facebook 

              Be it a business group in your area or a specific cause or topic, Facebook offers hyper-targeted business communities. You could also start your community and steer conversations toward your interests. These groups are mostly private and have community rules set by the admin.

              Facebook communities are a powerful networking platform, helping you attract new customers and engage with potential suppliers and service providers with exclusive content, community, and support.


              2. Cubeler

              Cubeler believes there’s power in connection and building community because we all accomplish more when we work together. The fintech AI platform creates a networking space where your company and key decision-makers can see and be seen. Build connections, create visibility for your business, and explore new opportunities with the Cubeler Business Networking platform, set to launch in Q4 of 2023.

              Register your business on Cubeler.com to stay tuned for our latest developments. 


              3. Reddit for Business

              Reddit is a great business networking tool for entrepreneurs looking to increase brand awareness. The platform has over 430 million monthly active users and thrives on community, including the Small Business subreddit. Reddit can seem like the wild west, but it can help you with research and decision-making through subreddits, which exist for literally every topic.



              4. Meetup

              Meetup.com has been around for the past 20 years and is present across 193 countries[2]. They have 52+ million[3] members, and creating an account is free.  You can network with new people who share your interests through online and in-person events.

              Grow a business, explore your interests, find support, and make friends along the way. Meetup is great, especially for ex-pats. One can make connections or book events in the country they are visiting or immigrating to. 


              5. Acadium

              Acadium accelerates economic mobility by enabling students and young professionals to launch and build a career for free. SMEs with lower marketing budgets can mentor, provide apprenticeships or hire remote marketing talent. Based in Ontario, Acadium has trained over 90,000 students[4] with over 40,000 businesses[5] to date. 


              6. BoardEx

              The BoardEx proprietary Relationship Mapping Algorithm identifies the most actionable connections for new business opportunities. BoardEx lets SMEs connect with their database of 1.5 million[6] executives across 2 million[7] organizations virtually. They also offer fully customized reports to equip business decisions. 


              7. Lunchclub

              An invite-only platform, Lunchclub works by asking questions about your background, professional goals, and interests and then uses AI to match you with someone who may have overlapping goals or resources. You'll receive an invitation to meet with this person for a one-on-one, 45-minute meeting. It also helps startup founders meet investors, content creators meet potential clients, and freelancers find their next assignment. 


              8. Canadian Women's Network

              The Canadian Women’s Network (CWN) is a freemium membership-based networking platform. CWN members benefit from accessing the founder’s influential Silicon Valley network of mentors, investors, and world-class advisors who guide them on the growth of their business through business connections, expertise, and capital. CWN supports women SMEs through educational programs, events, mentorship, and both virtual and in-person accelerator programs. 



              9. The Professional Women’s Network (PWN)

              A Canadian-based non-profit organization focused on assisting businesswomen in connecting with other women SMEs. There is no annual membership fee to join. However, PWN holds paid events monthly from September through June (fees vary depending on the event). They also provide a special college and post-secondary student discount. It’s a great opportunity for women entrepreneurs to meet in person. 


              10.  Canadian Small Business Women

              CSBW was created to provide a place for aspiring Canadian businesswomen to find the necessary resources to take their business from the planning stages to reality. They help upcoming women startups, including those owned by ex-pats or immigrants from diverse backgrounds, to connect with experts, advertise on their social media pages, and share access to information. They also provide online on-demand courses and small-scale in-person events. 

              If you are considering starting a business, hiring talent, or raising capital, there is a business networking platform suitable for every phase. Evaluate your current business situation and approach the networking platform to suit your needs.


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