Cubeler Solutions for Esthetics and Personal Well-being Businesses

Aaaaah…, a day at the spa, so relaxing, you’re surrounded by calming sounds and the scent of lavender while someone massages away the tension accumulated in your back and shoulders for the past 3 years, 4 months and 19 days. Yes, you remember exactly the last time you felt this relaxed and pampered. Not a care in the world, not even all that went into making this such an inviting, peaceful and relaxing environment. And rightfully so, you’re there to relax and forget about the stresses of life, not to worry about how much it costs to run such an establishment or if they’re making money, that’s the spa owner’s problem, not yours. Which begs the question: where do spa owners go to relax and forget about their problems? We’ll have to look into that at some point.

So, you’re in the business of improving self-esteem and personal well-being, that’s a great line of work. People usually leave your establishment with a smile and feeling good about themselves, which must be very gratifying for you. We’d like to think that running a business like yours must be all smiles all the time. But the truth is it’s a lot of hard work. You depend on your clients not just to consume your services but also to purchase your products. So you have to ensure that you provide your clients with an environment where they will feel relaxed and pampered enough that they will perhaps want to take a piece of the experience home with them by purchasing your products. That’s no easy task. The industry is very competitive and clients unfortunately don’t always keep their appointments (something always comes up), which can cause your cash inflows to be rather unpredictable. Unpredictable cash inflows are not good for any business, much less if you’re in the type of business that requires meticulous upkeep of your premises, where costly renovations are never too far away, where you rely on costly equipment that may need replacing at a moment’s notice, that requires that you always have your best-selling products in inventory, not to mention the multitudes of other reasons why any business would need cash. See what we’re getting at? You need timely access to cash! But you probably already knew that, and that’s why you’re here. Well that’s great, because we’re here to help. Please continue reading below to see how Cubeler can help put your mind at ease when it comes to your business’ financial needs.

The Cubeler Advantage:
The small business lending landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. In addition to traditional lenders such as banks and credit unions, there are now literally hundreds of financial institutions in this country, most of whom you’ve probably never heard of, looking to extend credit offers to businesses just like yours. Who are they, where are they and how can you reach them? Well, you don’t have to worry about that because Cubeler brings them all to you, along with the more traditional banks and credit unions, on a silver platter. All you have to do is take a few minutes to register your business on Cubeler for free, and Cubeler will show you all of the pre-qualified financing offers these lenders are prepared to extend to your business. You will then have the option to review and compare the offer details, and select the one that best fits your needs whenever you’re ready. Thanks to Cubeler, it’s never been easier for small and medium businesses to get the financing they need to manage and grow their businesses.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy once you register your business on Cubeler:

  • No need to prepare files, submit documents or complete application forms to find out if your business qualifies for credit offerings
  • Receive pre-qualified credit offers from multiple lenders, including banks, credit unions, specialty and alternative lenders
  • View and compare credit offer terms, including interest rates and estimated repayment amounts
  • No commitment and complete control of your financing needs, your pre-qualified offers remain on your dashboard until you decide when you’re ready to accept them
  • Know the maximum amount your business can borrow before submitting a credit application
  • View lender ratings and lender reviews
  • Rate lenders and write lender reviews

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