Cubeler helps small and medium size business owners in every type of industry find the financing solutions they need to manage and grow their businesses. Our registered members range from self-employed consultants to manufacturers who sell to a global audience. Cubeler’s lender partners include banks, credit unions and a number of other different types of lenders, such as asset-based lenders, those who lend based on receivables, factoring specialists, and a variety of new-age alternative lenders who use data analytics to make their lending decisions. The variety of lenders and the total number of lenders registered on the Cubeler platform is the reason why we can confidently say that regardless of your type of business, you’re sure to find a solution to fit your business’ financing needs. So why not take a few minutes and register your business on Cubeler today to see what financing options are available to you?

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Working with Business Associations

Our preferred method for reaching out to business owners is to partners with business associations who recognize that one of the biggest challenges facing their members is to have access to adequate funding to help manage and grow their businesses.

Cubeler not only makes funding easily accessible to small and medium businesses, but also provides them with several optional sources of funding, from banks to credit unions, to a number of specialty and alternative lenders.

In addition to access to funding for their members, Cubeler can also periodically provide its business association partners with industry specific market research data. The data most requested by the associations includes key performance indicators related to sales, profitability and industry trends, but data provided can easily be customized to fit any business associations’ specific needs. The associations can then pass this market intelligence data on to their members to further help them manage and grow their businesses.

If you’re a business association representative and would like to know more about Cubeler, please contact us at or (866) 557-5094 ext.: 599. We’d love to hear from you and discuss how Cubeler can work with you to develop a program specifically tailored to your organization and its members’ needs.

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