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  • Register your business in less than 5 minutes and download the Cubeler Data Analysis Software (DAS)
  • The DAS will then periodically read and analyse certain financial data from your business’ accounting software
  • The DAS sends the results of your business’ financial analysis to Cubeler’s servers and Cubeler’s analytics engine compares the results to the lending criteria of all of its lending partners
  • Cubeler then returns all of your business’ pre-qualified financing matches and displays them on your Cubeler dashboard
  • You can then login to your Cubeler account at any time to review, compare and select whatever offer(s) best suits your needs (see sample screenshots below)
  • So what are you waiting for? Sign up for free today to see what financing offers are available to you, and you’ll understand why Cubeler has quickly become the most effective small and medium business financing platform available anywhere!
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