No. You can register your business on Cubeler, review your credit offers and accept as many offers as you like completely free of charge.
No. Cubeler itself is not in the credit or lending business. Think of Cubeler more as a match making service, similar to an online dating service, but without the drama and disappointment. Cubeler simply brings together business owners and the many lenders who are looking to lend to them.
No. Unlike every time you submit a credit application at a financial institution, your credit bureau report is not consulted when you register your business on Cubeler. Cubeler allows your business to pre-qualify for financing offers without negatively impacting your credit score.
The Cubeler platform lenders are Canadian financial institutions regulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions. They include banks, credit unions, and a variety of alternative and specialty lenders. Cubeler provides a platform for all of these lenders to easily find and learn about your business to be able to offer you the financing help you need to manage and grow your business.
There is no maximum amount to the pre-qualified financing offers that you can receive from Cubeler platform lenders. It really all depends on how your business performs and what the lenders’ lending criteria are. Some lenders may set a maximum amount that they are prepared to finance per transaction, while others don’t.
As part of the registration process on the Cubeler platform, you’ll need to download and install the Cubeler Data Analysis Software (the “DAS”). Once installed, the DAS periodically reads and analyses certain financial data from your business’ accounting software and sends the results to Cubeler’s servers.
Like most accounting software packages, Sage 50 keeps your business’ financial data in an area that can only be accessed by authorized users of the software. You therefore need to create an account for Cubeler to authorize the Cubeler DAS to have access to this data. Without that user account the Cubeler DAS will not be able to access your business’ financial data and match your business with financing offers from the Cubeler platform lenders.
Cubeler calculates several financial ratios from the data the DAS reads from your business’ accounting software. A score is attributed to each of the calculated ratios, and the ratio scores are combine into a single score called the Cubeler Score™. The Cubeler Score™ is a proprietary financial metric created by Cubeler to gauge the overall financial health of your business.
The Cubeler Score™ is based on a combination of historical and current financial data about your business. If the data in your business’ accounting software is not up to date, it may prevent Cubeler from calculating your Cubeler Score™. Please ensure that the data in your business’ accounting software is up to date and you should see your Cubeler Score™ the next time you log into your account. However, if you think your business data is up to date and you still don’t see your Cubeler Score™, please contact the Cubeler support team.
Yes. Cubeler has implemented extensive security measures, which include industry best practices for the safeguard of financial information, to ensure that data related to your business is protected on Cubeler’s servers. These measures also include the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, administrative and physical safeguards, regular security assessments, robust intrusion prevention and intrusion detection systems, as well as regular network vulnerability scans to ensure strong security controls of Cubeler’s databases, systems and networks. Cubeler uses the same technology to protect the privacy of your data as your bank uses to protect your banking information. If you’re not concerned about your online banking transactions, you shouldn’t be concerned about the privacy of your business data on Cubeler.
The fact that Cubeler shows you your pre-qualified offers and you can apply for any one of them whenever you’re ready, is one of Cubeler’s best features. Your pre-qualified offers will remain on your dashboard for as long as your business continues to meet the lending criteria of the platform lenders that have extended the pre-qualified offers. So the offers could be available for several weeks or several months until you’re ready to act on them.
Cubeler supports most of the popular small business accounting packages, such as Sage 50 and Quickbooks, and continues to add new ones every month. Click here for the updated list of supported packages. If you don’t see your accounting software on the list, please use the form in the “Contact” section to let us know and we’ll notify you as soon as we add it to the list.
That depends on several factors, including how well your business is doing, something that Cubeler communicates to platform lenders in the form of your business’ Cubeler Score™. So based on your business’ Cubeler Score™ and a handful of other factors, interest rates on financing offers you receive from Cubeler platform lenders can start at as low as 3%.
The DAS only looks at totals of your business’ chart of accounts, for example, sales, receivables and expenses. It does not read or send any information about suppliers or customers. Data is only accessed to determine how well your business is doing, not who you do business with. Without this information, Cubeler wouldn’t be able to match your business with its lenders’ lending criteria and present you with financing offers.

In addition to limiting the data accessed to the minimum required to provide its matching service, Cubeler also uses the latest in encryption technology, including a 128-bit encryption key, to protect the data. Here’s an example of actual business data sent to Cubeler by the DAS: