About Us

So, you’d like to know a little bit about us, that’s great!

Well, we’re a group of entrepreneurial guys from Montreal with various backgrounds in financial services, accounting and software development. Just like you, we have friends who own small businesses and whenever we got together, we kept hearing about their struggles with managing cash flow, and how it was next to impossible to get financing from their banks when they needed it most. And they assured us that they weren’t alone. After months of hearing them complain, we decided to investigate to find out why it was so difficult for small business owners to get financing from their banks.

In conclusion, our investigation revealed that the reason small businesses were having such a tough time finding funding was simply because they weren’t being match with the right lenders, and there was no forum to bring the two together. The entrepreneurs in us simply couldn’t let this problem continue without a solution. So one night in the spring of 2015, we got together over some Chinese food (or was it Pizza? We’re big fans of both…) and came up with Cubeler, a platform that brings businesses and lenders together and matches the right businesses with the right lenders. [For more on how Cubeler does this, please see How it Works].